Until We Meet Again​.​.​.

by Wonder Shakedown!

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Upon playing what was titled as our farewell show in February, we decided that we still wanted to write, record, and play music together when we can. While we're not able to play shows as of now or anytime in the near future, we wanted to give you something from the Shakedown in the form of an album. And so, we present to you "Until We Meet Again...", our second EP that we also, once again, traveled down to Charleston to record with the fantastic producer, Matt Ciclon at P&C Studios. The title says it all for Wonder Shakedown, "Until We Meet Again..."; we plan on at some point playing all together again. That doesn't necessarily mean recording another album or playing another show but it doesn't mean that we won't either. It simply means that we plan on shaking it down again, at some point, and we hope that you will join us, whenever that may be.


released November 27, 2012

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Ciclon at P&C Studios, Charleston, SC, 2012. Performed by Justin Maitland, Tim Hardwick, Caleb LaBarre, and Devin Primrose



all rights reserved


Wonder Shakedown! Myrtle Beach

Wonder Shakedown! is an Indie Powerpop quartet hailing from Myrtle Beach, SC. Each member comes from different musical backgrounds and influences, which really helps to create an original sound with mixes between indie, punk, pop, and rock. With heartfelt emotion poured into their songs and a great live atmosphere, it won't be long before these guys start making a name for themselves. ... more

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Track Name: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow !
Don't say goodbye.
Please hear my cry.
And though you're here today,
I wish that you would stay,
And dry all my tears.

My heart is breaking.
My mind is aching.
My stomach's in knots.
But at the end of this plot,
We're moving on.
Track Name: Honey
Aren't you a sight for sore eyes, honey?
I haven't seen your pretty face in weeks.
At last, I can have a piece of mind.
I haven't slept a wink in three days,
Tossing and turning, hoping and yearning,
For you, to be back in my arms, honey.
Aren't I a sore for bright eyes, baby?
You're much too kind and definitely
Way out of my league.

You're just as sweet
As in my dreams.
I can't believe
What God has done for
Both you and me.

Now ever since I met you, I've thanked that star
For grating my wish for you, yes I do.
Oh, honey, how could I doubt you?
You're everything I've ever wanted and more.
Now I've found what I've been searching for.
Track Name: Roadmap Romance
Come on and just take my hand
So little time we have left to spend on
The things we used to do
That remind me of when we first met
And it takes me back in time
When we were riding with the top laid back
Do you remember when we tried to find
our destination but we lost the map, a-whoa
I said forget about it left or right you choose
Let’s see where we end up
What do we have to lose?

We could have gone anywhere
We could have done anything
But the road that we chose
Led us to where we are today

So we cranked up the radio
We’re never looking back
We were on our own
Then we came across a shooting star
Made a wish that all our dreams would take us far
And as we’re driving down the boulevard
Oh, the sights we’ll see
Darling, I’m so glad it’s you and me

And honestly, I can say I wouldn’t
Have changed a single moment by your side
Oh, look how far we have come
With life’s ups and downs
I’m so glad you’ve always been around

Come on and just take my hand
Left or right you choose
What do we have to lose?
Track Name: The Waltz
Grab your girl and I’ll grab mine
Tonight’s the night we’ll dance till the sunlight shines

Can you feel the beat
‘Cause I feel the groove
Dance the night away

Keep your body moving
Left to right, come on lets lose control

Hearts are racing
Sweat is dripping
Tonight’s the night we lose control

Grab your coat, walk out the door
Let’s dance and dance and dance some more
Track Name: Don't Want You To Go
Take this note that I wrote
Read every word
It came straight from the heart
And now I’m so sad to see you go
And I hope that you know
This town and the memories that we’ve made
Just won’t be the same once you are gone
And now I’m so sad to see you go
And I hope that you know
I don’t want you to go

Send me a postcard
When you get there
‘Cause I’d like to know
Just how far away you are from here

Staring at the streetlights
Wondering where you are
Wondering where'd you go
I hope you know
I’m starring at the streetlights

No, I won’t forget you
No, I won’t forget all the things we’ve been through
No, I won’t forget you, my best friend
Track Name: Girl
Stop your crying eyes
I told you a thousand times
I love you
But who’s counting
I’m just counting on you to be mine
For the rest of my life

Falling asleep all alone again
And this empty bed can’t get any colder
Waiting for you to be by my side
As I lie awake it’s all that runs through my head

Girl, I fell real hard for you
Wishing that you’d be the one for me
Yes, honestly
Oh, and girl, I fell real hard for you
Praying that you would be the one for me
Stop your crying eyes
I’ll make you happy

I’ve been hoping
I’ve been praying
I’ve been waiting my whole life
For a girl just your type
Not a day goes by
When I just can’t stop thinking about you, girl
Oh, the things you do to me
I just wanna leave
Take my hand let’s choose our destination
‘Cause anywhere is better than here please
Please tell me you wanna leave

I think about you all the time, girl
La Dee Dah Dee Dah
I can’t get you off my mind, girl
Track Name: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow !!
Don’t’ say goodbye
This is the last time
I’ll feel your warm embrace
I’m left without a trace
Of you in my life

My heart is breaking
My body’s shaking
My stomach’s in knots
But at the end of this plot
We’re moving on

From the memories that we’ve made
From the blood, sweat, tears and pain
From the lives that we once knew
I’m always thinking of you
And though you’re not with us
Your presence surrounds me

Until we meet again, until then...